Sunday, February 6, 2011

Girl's first surgery

The girls both got tubes in their ears last week. We had to be there around 8, am, in jammies. Luckily my mom had taken off to be there with me, and then my Dad decided to go too. I felt guilty because the girls had NO idea what was going to happen. I guess that was better but I felt bad.

They got to play in the waiting room for a while when we first got there. They started to ask for snacks and wawa (water) but they couldn’t have anything till after the surgery. Woody (our preacher) stopped by to see the girls before too.

Madelyn in the waiting room


Kinley IMG_0116The nurses at the surgery center was amazing and made the girls feel completely comfortable. They had stickers, toys and books. The way to Kinley’s heart…dorda (dora) and me mouse (minnie mouse)IMG_0117

The day before the girls went in, my cousins knew how much the girls LOVE minnie mouse right now and got them stuffed ones. They were great for them that day.


After they took Kinley back for her surgery I realized that we had taken a book from the lobby. I walked out to return it and found Auntie Suz! She stopped by after taking the quads to school to check on us. Thanks girl! I love you and it meant so much!

Auntie Suz reading a book to Maddie!

IMG_0120 About ten minutes after taking Kinley back the doc was back and told us she was headed to recovery. She had mucus and fluid on her both her ears he had to suck out before placing the tubes. In about 5 minutes we started to hear her cry and they let my parents go back there while I was waiting with Madelyn.

Kinley in recovery


I headed over to Kinley once they took Madelyn back. She was SOOOO upset and was having a rough time coming out of it. She was completely irrational. She kept asking for things she already had. She switched back from Poppy, Mommy and Mimi a few hundred times!!!

Kinley with Mimi IMG_0123

In just a little we saw them roll Maddie by. Once she woke up we were able to see her. She also had fluid and mucus on her ears. She cried for about a sec and asked for me and said up please. That was about it! She did great!!! Especially when they gave her a popsicle. Kinley however was still crying.

Poppy with Madelyn


Kinley with her popsicle.


The popsicles was great until they melted off the sticks and both girls were very upset about it. The nurses were very sweet and gave both girls new ones.

Overall it was a pretty easy thing! We were in and out in about 4 hours total. Kinley cried through her recovery and Madelyn’s and finally they just let us go! Daddy got there about the time we were walking out to the car. At home they ate a good lunch and took a good nap. They were completely normal when they woke up!

I can see a difference in the girls. It is not a HUGE drastic difference but some. They both seem less whiny then they have been. Madelyn is a little more vocal and attempting more words. She is laughing more also. Both girls seem to have colds and normally this would turn into a ear infection…we go back to the ear nose throat doctor this week so we will see how they look!


Celeste Smith said...

Glad they did well! laughing more is always a great improvement! you all had so many thoughts and prayers that day ! Those are some loved little girls you have!

Stephanie said...

So glad everything went ok!!
I'm sure you will start to see an even bigger change soon!!
Those pictures break my heart of them crying :(

Melissa Potter said...

So glad everything turned out ok. It really helped Lizzie!