Thursday, February 17, 2011

good times and good friends!

We had the best weekend last week with our friends! The Hutton’s. Kristi and I have chatted, emailed and texted a ton since we first found out about each other through our blogs. We have the same birth story with our twins, and our girls are five days apart in age. We have met two other times and we always seem to start right back up!

Since our girls are the same age we tend to do the same things around the same time, including birthdays! They couldn’t come to our party because they were all sick but we decided to head there for theirs. Plus the girls and I were MORE than happy to get out of the house after the ice storm trapped us in for a week.

We got there late on Friday and the Hutton girls were already asleep. The next day we had breakfast and played. Then got ready for the party!

The girls having lunch together like BIG 2 year olds at the table!


Alex and AveryIMG_9218Funny story, the bunny that is sitting next to Madelyn is A and A’s. They are terrified of it (it dances and sings) but my girls LOVED it. Madelyn carried it around everywhere. I hope K and M didn’t scare them!


Madelyn’s favorite part of the weekend were the puppies!!!! IMG_9222 IMG_9223

She was never far behind the dogs! I think we might just have to get this little girl a puppy…someday!

IMG_9229 After all the girls took a nap it was time for the party! Let me tell you I LOVED the theme…idea for next year?!?!

1[4] So of course we had to dress the part! Mimi got the girls pink cowboy boots for their birthday and they were perfect for the party.




I just liked this picture of Maddie


The girls and I


Ever since our girl’s birthday party they have talked about “jumping”. They loved the bounce house and were so excited when they saw Alex and Avery’s! They could be found there most of the time!

They kicked their boots off and ran to the bounce house!




IMG_9318 Love this picture, she looks so big waiting in line…IMG_9364One in, one out…my life!


K & M were completely happy with the bounce house until…the petting zoo showed up! There was a pony, sheep, goats, chickens, a duck, a rabbit, a pig, a calf, a miniature donkey, a miniature horse, a llama, a turkey, and a goose!

IMG_9268 IMG_9274 IMG_9275 IMG_9279 IMG_9281 IMG_9284 IMG_9285 IMG_9290 IMG_9300

After looking at all those animals the girls had worked up quite the appetite. They enjoyed eating burgers like big girls! (this is the only picture of Chris from ALL weekend)IMG_9311

My little city girls with a small back yard LOVED their big backyard and were content to just wander around.



That night the kids were more than ready for bed, and we were tired too! The next day we loaded the girls up and headed to the stock show!

We went to the petting zoo first. I figured Kinley and Madelyn loved it the day before they would love it again…wrong! Madelyn did but Kinley DID NOT! The animals were not in cages and were just walking around with us. It was really cool but she was having none of it! Madelyn on the other hand LOVED it! Even after a goat knocked her down and stood over her she was still totally in her element. Brad saved Madelyn and quickly became Uncle Brad to Maddie! lol!

Maddie and Brad

IMG_9398 IMG_9401

One of the best things about two twin families being together is no one cares what kid it is they are always watching out for everyone…I think being a parent of multiples you just go with the flow…what's a couple more at that point, right?!? Constantly counting…1,2,3,4!

Silly Kinley!



Alex decided she would just lay down with the goats!


We headed over to a kid area where they could collect “food” and “plant” things. They really liked all of it.

Sweet Avery(I think) and Kinley!


The FAB FOUR! IMG_9413


All ready to pick veggies!!!


Kinley didn’t realize that they weren’t real!


Trying to get all four of them to look at the camera…ha!

IMG_9423 IMG_9424 IMG_9426 IMG_9427

We of course couldn’t leave the stock show with out a little fair food. Kinley LOVED a corn dog! We bought cookies as we were leaving and I have to say they were amazing! The girls especially thought they were tasty!

IMG_9463 IMG_9465

We headed back to their house for naps and to pack up…we were so sad and wished we had more time!!!

I know Chris and I both had a WONDERFUL time…I think Kristi said it best “our families jived well together” . It was like being with good friends that you have known forever. I know there will be many more trips and visits together with this family. Several times during the weekend we commented on how crazy we thought it would be with four 2 year olds but it wasn’t bad at all.

Brad, Kristi, Alex and Avery-thank you so much for having us and being gracious hosts! We had a WONDERFUL time and are so glad we came. Kinley and Madelyn still talk about “AllyAvery”everyday. Can’t wait until we do it again….soon!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics, and YES... we're ready to do it again! We miss y'all! Our Monday was SO boring and quiet! Haha! BTW: The bunny made it's way back to it's job of guarding the CD player ;)

Amber said...

Looks like you had a blast! What fun memories.