Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday girls!

I went back and read the post from the day they were born. It made me tear up seeing how far they have come. This is from that night from my dear friend Suz!

Happy birthday girls, I love you so much! This is the post from that night!

(Dad jotting down their weights/lengths in the OR...who needs paper, right?!)

Baby A, Kinley Margaret
3 lbs 13 oz
17 1/4"
room air

Baby B, Madelyn Clare
4 lb 9.3 oz
17 3/4"

The girls came into this world kicking and crying! Mom did GREAT during the delivery and was recovering like a champ! I'm so proud of Liz! and Chris was adorable!!! Just beaming from ear to ear...such a proud Papa!

Liz was able to hold Kinley for a second in the OR, and she glanced at Madelyn as they wheeled them away to the NICU. Both girls are stable and doing well. Madelyn needed a small amount of oxygen via nasal cannula. Liz has yet to visit the girls in the NICU, so I turned down the request to see them in person. I want Liz to be able to see her precious little miracles before I do (just doesn't seem right!), I promise to have MANY more pictures tomorrow!

Thank you so much for the prayers! Chris and Liz appreciate you more than you know!
(Suz) for Liz


The Scott's said...

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girlies!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all had a great bday! We love you!